I have worked as a programmer, as a database administrator, as a business analyst, as a consultant, as a business owner, as an IT Manager, and a few more. I have been the head of IT for multiple client companies (simultaneously) as the owner of Antidote Computer Services, and the head of IT for a 200 employee healthcare company.

Looking to the future, I would like to be the head of a company’s IT Department, either as the IT Manager or as the Chief Information Officer, with a team of IT resources to keep the company running smoothly.

If I cannot manage an IT team, then I’d like to either design, develop, and maintain databases, or write client/server software. I have written code in a variety of languages over the years. I’m currently working with PHP in a web development environment with MySQL on the backend. I would be happy in a similar coding environment or working in Java and developing smartphone software.

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