Welcome to my collection of WordPress Plugins. Unless otherwise stated, all of these plugins were written by me.

I have developed the following Plugins for WordPress. Click on the provided link to see more detailed information for each plugin.

  • Web Environment – a plugin to display information on the dashboard for the WordPress site that you’re currently running.
  • Local Debug – This plugin displays a DIV in a corner of your development WordPress site to remind you that you’re working on the development site.
  • Child Themes Helper – When you’re developing a child theme, I thought that moving files from the template theme to the child theme was a pain. This plugin solves that by letting you copy a file from the template to the correct folder in the child with a single click of the mouse. Additionally, you can use this plugin to create a child theme.
  • Animal Rescue Accounting System – This plugin is still in development. This is a complete rewrite of an existing website that was originally developed in [what is now known as “Classic”] Microsoft Active Server Pages or simply ASP for short. The rewrite accomplishes three things: 1) It replaces the ASP Classic code before Microsoft discontinues the technology, 2) it provides an accounting environment that will not require a volunteer programmer to maintain, and 3) it allows me to market the accounting system to other rescue organizations around the world.


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