I have worked as a programmer, as a database administrator, as a business analyst, as a consultant, as a business owner, as an IT Manager, and a few more. I have been the head of IT for multiple client companies (simultaneously) as the owner of Antidote Computer Services, and the head of IT for a 200 employee healthcare company as the IT Manager for McCallum Place.

What is next? I have spent the last year retooling myself, developing WordPress plugins in PHP. I would like to continue to write PHP code for WordPress installations.

I am looking for a job where I can get paid to develop WordPress plugins in PHP. As an example of my coding abilities, I invite you, the reader, to review my Child Themes Helper plugin, listed in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. The link will take you to the plugin in the Directory.

I have created several WordPress plugins.

  • The Child Themes Helper plugin helps the user (usually a WordPress Theme developer) copy files from the template theme, often referred to as the parent theme, to a child theme. The path to the file is duplicated in the child theme and then the file is copied. However, the plugin also checks to see if the file already exists and whether it’s been modified. The Child Themes Helper plugin is listed in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory for other developers to use on their own WordPress development projects. I have a “Pro” version of this plugin planned, but not yet created, that I hope will be useful to thousands of WordPress users who have modified existing themes as opposed to creating a child theme.
  • The Animal Rescue Accounting System plugin for Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue (GGRR) will track the Golden Retrievers from the time they are introduced to GGRR (as a possible surrender) until they are no longer in their care (adopted, euthanized, or never surrendered). Medical needs, AVID chips, and much more is also tracked. The system will also track members and control members’ access to various parts of the plugin according to their job function. When completed, I plan to list this plugin in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory, and also have a “Pro” version which will carry a small monthly fee. The Animal Rescue Accounting System is about 25% complete and needs to be complete by June 2019. This is a volunteer activity.
  • A membership application plugin for GGRR. This replaces the typical WordPress user registration form and requires Coordinator intervention to grant permissions to various parts of the website.
  • The Web Development plugin displays information to a WordPress developer about their development environment. It lists things like PHP version, WordPress version, MySQL database version, various WP-CONFIG.PHP constants, etc., on the WordPress dashboard. This will be the next plugin that I submit to the WordPress.org Plugin Directory, but I have several enhancements to make before that submission. The output is displayed as a widget on the dashboard to privileged users, but I want to add options to display the output on a dashboard menu page and provide access to the whole constants array. Additionally, the developer should be able to enable or disable which types of information that they want to be displayed.
  • A local debug plugin was created as a reminder to myself, when I’m working on a local development copy, as opposed to the live copy of a website. This plugin displays a prominent message at one of the screen corners as a reminder. I have no plans to list this in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. Although, after a bit of clean-up, I don’t know, why not.

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