Antidote Computer Services

President, Antidote Computer Services, Inc.

August 1997 to September 2011

I founded Antidote Computer Services, Inc (ACSI) in 1997 to provide database design and development services, software design and development services, including website development, and technical support services for workstations, servers, and network equipment to small businesses in the St Louis metropolitan area. For a few years, we also provided website hosting, database server hosting, and email hosting.

During 8 of the 14 years in business, I had at least one other employee besides myself. I had final authority for all corporate deliverables and was therefore solely responsible for everything we produced or did for a client. I contracted with sales, marketing, accounting, etc., vendors as necessary so I could focus on what ACSI did best.

Antidote Computer Services provided services to more than 100 of St Louis’ small businesses and wrote proposals for a few hundred more during our 14-year tenure as St Louis’ only company with the Antidote for all your computer-related woes.

A Few Examples of Customers

  • Purchased, installed and configured a Microsoft Windows 2003 Small Business Server for Kadean Construction. The company had 22 connected workstations in their main office. I handled ongoing technical support for all of the workstations, the server, and the networking in their main office, and all connectivity and workstations at their construction trailers around St Louis. In addition to the hardware, I was also responsible for troubleshooting and providing solutions to problems encountered with their 3rd party, industry-specific, software.
  • Provided advice, counsel, and education to Pixelation, LLC concerning IT issues and trends, providing development and coordination of IT solutions, supporting the purchase of a software company.  Provided additional services including the design and implementation of a copy protection scheme for the newly purchased software company’s product.  Designed and managed the development of the client’s e-commerce website for selling their newly purchased software product.  Software product was a commercially available application.
  • Designed and managed the development of an application for automating the sales cycle for selling third-party automobile warranties.  Application handled all aspects of the sales cycle, from importing direct mail lists, pulling up imported information when prospects called in, decoding vehicle VIN numbers, provided quotes for warranties from a variety of vendors, dependent on year/make/model of the vehicle and mileage.  The design included credit card processing for on-the-spot sales, printing, and mailing of warranty contract, and all follow-ups.  Solely responsible for the design and implementation of the database.
  • Provided ongoing technical support services for Acoustical Ceilings, featuring nine workstations, one Win2k3 server, and network devices.  Fully responsible for the technical support of all software, including industry-specific applications.  Fully responsible for all hardware and software installations.
  • Providing ongoing hardware installation support for Standard Neon Supply’s product line to their customers, for Gerber, Mimaki, and Western Graphtec printers, plotters, and cutters.  Provided ongoing hardware and software technical support services for workstations in client’s office.
  • Installed and configured network and computer infrastructure for a dentist’s office, including computer interface to x-ray machines, separate monitors for patients and doctors in each hygienist station.  Ongoing support services provided for several years to Jane Breeze, DMD.
  • Provided ongoing hardware and software technical support services Complete Sportswear.  Fully responsible for the installation and configuration of their server (Win2k3 Small Business Server Premium), workstations, network, and software developed by ACSI.
  • Provided hardware and software technical support services to dozens of small businesses since the 1997 founding of ACSI.
  • Designed and managed the development of an Order Entry system to automate Complete Sportswear’s order-processing tasks.  Designed and implemented a database for the application.  Solely responsible for continuing software maintenance of the application.
  • Designed and implemented a database for a major manufacturer’s website.  Designed and implemented the website code for displaying their partners’ information from the database.  Designed and implemented a batch load application for the website database.
  • Managed ACSI employee during the subsystem design and implementation of the redevelopment an existing accounting system as it continued to be used for Planet Tool & Engineering.
  • Provided ongoing software maintenance and support and further software development for an application developed for tracking mortality statistics for hospitals, for Denial Management
  • Designed and supervised the development of an application for a cut and grow greenhouse, to be used to monitor and track baby plants as they grow to maturity for sale to the public and other greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Designed and implemented a relational database to replace an existing database used in the handling of medical insurance claims by doctors’ offices.  Worked with the client to retrofit the existing application to correctly interface to the new database.
  • Designed and implemented 28,000-item catalog, including batch import, edit, and merge features for the local sign supplier, Neon & Fluorescent’s website.
  • Functioned as MS Access expert as a subcontractor for MicroAge for their client, First Bank.
  • Functioned as a SQL Server expert as a subcontractor for MicroAge for their client Moog Automotive.
  • Provided further software development services for several more clients.

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