Other Plugins

Topicuss Discussions

This plugin was developed specifically for a website of mine. It creates a new post type, which when it’s done, will have some special features that I couldn’t really do with a standard post.

My Skills Survey

I needed a Skills Survey for this website. I could have just created it using several off-the-shelf table plugins, but I used the Plugin Starter Kit to build it as a plugin of my own instead.

Test Code

When I’m building a plugin, I frequently want to test some code that would ordinarily take a bunch of steps to test. I created a plugin where I can run my test code.

Search Options

This is a wrapper plugin for searching the wp_options database table for specific option names. I use it mostly to see whether a particular add_option or update_option call worked as expected. I can also forcibly delete any option that I want. This is a dangerous plugin. I will probably never list it in the WordPress Plugins repo because a developer can easily destroy their WordPress installation with it.

Membership Application

This is a plugin that displays the membership application for Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue.

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