My career has spanned a few decades, beginning with a degree in Computer Science / Mathematics from Bradley University in Peoria, IL and culminating with a position as the IT Manager and Facilities Director for a 200 employee health care company. Over the years, I have worked as a President, for a computer consulting business, as an IT consultant, supporting the IT needs of several companies simultaneously, as an IT Manager, in healthcare, as a business analyst, as a project lead developer, as a software engineer, as a database administrator, as a network administrator, as a web developer, as a programmer, and as a Facilities Director, in healthcare.

More recently, I am developing WordPress plugins and am preparing for a role as a web developer utilizing PHP with Javascript and MySQL.

As a business analyst and computer consulting business owner, I’ve worked with dozens of clients and prospective clients to assess their IT needs, and resolve their business problems through technology.

As a managerI served as the IT Manager and Facilities Director for a St Louis, Missouri-based healthcare company where I was solely responsible for all things even remotely associated with IT. My responsibilities as IT Manager overlapped with Facilities in the areas of HVAC, network cabling, electrical cabling, etc., as they related to the needs of the IT infrastructure. As such, I was promoted to Facilities Director, which included two subordinates.

Following an acquisition, I managed the migration of IT resources to our new parent company.

Additionally, I founded and operated my own small computer consulting company where I managed my one or two employees, managed my customers’ varied IT needs, managed and negotiated customer contracts for services, contracts with my vendors, and contracts on behalf of my customers for their businesses. I’ve been solely responsible for all the IT needs for many small companies for more than a decade.

As a database administrator, I’ve designed, developed, and supported MySQL databases for web applications, Microsoft SQL Server databases for accounting software, Sybase SQL Server databases for the telecommunications industry, and Oracle databases for the software development industry.

As a programmer, I worked on many client/server software development teams developing and supporting flight software in the defense industry, accounting software in the Accounting, retail sales, and animal rescue industries, cash control software in the entertainment industry, outside plant software in the telecommunications industry, and as an individual programmer working in collaboration with the customer, I’ve developed many websites.

As an employee, and throughout my career, I have been through many mergers. I have lost my job many times as the result of a merger. The buying company, almost always, has their own IT staff ready to assume my job. My last job was no exception. Since losing my last full-time job in 2015, I have had some much-needed downtime after averaging 70+, 80+, and even a few 100+ hour work-weeks for more than a year ahead of the merger and the 6 months following the merger.

For more detailed information, I invite you to read the employer-specific pages of this website or review my detailed resume.

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